It’s about Family & Food!

This is a story about humble farmers from the Mediterranean who, many decades ago, had a dream to make Australia home. They loved sharing their love of food, family and community.

Gourmet Saba (GS), two of the richest families without money, combined their resources, passion and principles with a vision to become a world leader in ethical, happy food. This meant that it had to be fresh, slow and healthy (all are healthy with some of the precious parents still farming in their 90’s!).

Our journey

The journey really started a thousand or more years ago with their ancestors, who farmed and loved the land to produce premium, as well as organic produce. Some of the most delicious Italian and other premium food from around the world, based on age old recipes, are the drive of the company’s success. Most of the GS supply partners are family owned companies 100 years and over.

Where premium can be sourced locally, there is a passion to support our Australian farmers and job creation. We also search the world for the best and make it as accessible and affordable as possible to our local market – so that the Happiest Food On Earth can contribute to the happiest communities on earth.

Organic ingredients. Premium taste.

Wherever possible, we refrain from artificial ingredients and GM0-and always aim to deliver the happy service to support our happy products. If it’s not delivering happiness underpinned by great values in one way or another, we’re not interested. You see, it’s this journey of true wealth that money can’t buy that we love to share with you.

If we can create infectious transactions based on the ingredients of giving and gratitude, that’s true success that’ll deliver health and happiness for oneself and the community as a whole.

This is the GS recipe for the happiest food on earth.

This great story is all about great stuff, great governance, great service and gastronomic speciale! Thank you for choosing GS happiness. We eagerly welcome your feedback as to how we can forever improve.

  • Gratitude

    We wake up every day with appreciation for our health and our beautiful surroundings, loving the people and planet. We know happiness is a mindset and a choice, true happiness is impossible without gratitude. Gratitude drives us to show respect for ourselves and others, exhibiting humility and honour in what we say and do, always uplifting in our actions. We commend far more than rebuke. When we need to criticise, we do so calmly and respectfully.

  • Sky

    Who said the sky is the limit?! When it comes to delivering the happiest food on earth driven by our love of people, planet and principles, we say the sky is the beginning! We lead by example, we are solutions orientated. Average is not in our DNA. We strive for the best. Then improve. We are efficient, effective and innovative in all we do – as long as it doesn’t compromise our core. We are diligent, and allergic to laziness, indecisiveness and negativity.

  • Giving

    Our core existence is foremost about giving to others rather than putting ourselves first. Whether it’s knowledge, authority or financial gifts, we give from our heart. Whether for our team, community or family, we give with joy. We love to see others thrive, this is a key in our happy journey. It’s more about being selfless than selfish, of course profits are important – not as much as principles though.

  • Success

    Our true success is not measured by dollars, material assets, local or global achievements. Morals will always come before money. Our success is measured by our ‘happiness factor’ which comes from living up to our moral and ethical standards. Timeless standards that prove we put people, principles and planet before profits. Our impeccable reputation we protect dearly, and every decision we make, we first rehearse the consequences, to ensure the most profitable, happy outcome, beyond dollars.